What kind of skin do you have – I break them down here to help you determine yours. Learn how to care for your skin type, all explained here.

Dry / Sensitive:

  • If you have dry skin, wrinkles or your skin is sensitive, the Nutt So Ruff Face Bar is for you!  It’s the perfect face scrub for sensitive skin.
  • If you have acne scars, use the Face Bar.
  • Exfoliate only one time per week for your Face or Body with your Nutt So Ruff Scrub for sensitive skin.
  • To avoid ingrown hairs from shaving, exfoliate with your scrub bar prior to shaving your legs.
  • If you have foot callouses or if you like to give yourself foot pedicures, choose the Foot Bar and exfoliate every other day or as often as you wish.

As we age, we can get drier but many people experience dryness only on their legs.  In addition, if you tend to be or feel oily, there is also a tendency to try to dry it out and this causes sensitivity.

Dry sensitive skin
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Calloused feet
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Oily / Combination:

  •  If your facial skin is oily or if you have facial acne or blackheads, use the Nutt So Ruff Face Bar.  It’s a great facial scrub bar, especially for blackheads on nose.
  •  If the skin on your body is oily, choose the Body Bar.  This natural scrub bar really helps to control acne breakouts on your body because it removes the dead skin cells that get clogged in your pores.
  •  For combination skin, choose the Face Bar.  Because you may have different skin types on your face (i.e. combination skin), it’s a good idea to use the facescrub bar.  The natural facial exfoliating scrub will ensure you don’t irritate any areas that are sensitive or dry.
  •  If you have body acne, choose the Body Bar.
  •  Exfoliate 3-5 times per week.

Teens especially have to deal have oily or combination but this also extends into adulthood for some.

Oily / combination skin
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Body acne bacne
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  • If you have normal skin on your face, choose the Face Bar.  This natural facial exfoliating scrub is great for normal skin.
  • If the skin on your body is normal, choose the Body Bar.
  • For this, you can exfoliate every day.

Few people are ‘normal’.  If you’re one of the lucky ones and your skin is normal, congratulations – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exfoliate regularly.  Everybody benefits from exfoliating!

Mature:  Your Skin?:

Another skin type is called Mature.  I call it the new skin type:  mature skin.  If you are in the Over 40 crowd, it’s a good time to be extra vigilant about skin care.  To help wrinkles and fine lines look less visible, it’s important to exfoliate regularly.  Use your Face Bar to exfoliate once per week.

Click on the Nutt So Ruff Scrub bar link under your corresponding type to order your bar today!  And, if you order any 3 scrub bars, don’t forget to use coupon code ‘2off’ to get $2 off each scrub bar!!!

No matter what skin type you have, taking care of it to ensure it looks its best every day is essential.  Learning about your skin type and how to take care of it is the first step.  Skin care can be simple but marketing companies like to confuse us.  It’s totally unnecessary.  Once you know your skin type and how to care for it, I’ll bet you will really love the results.

Your skin
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