Top 10 Benefits of almonds for skin
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Top 10 Benefits of Almonds for Skin

Love almonds?  Here are the top 10 benefits of almonds for skin that you may not have realized for a more youthful you!

Nutritious Almonds

Almonds have a ton of nutrients in them, as I’m sure you already know but it’s good to review the benefits of almonds.  That’ll help you to know how and when to use almonds, and in which form, so you can get the greatest benefit.  The following is for one ounce of almonds:

  • Protein – 6 grams
  • Vitamin E – 37% of your daily recommended amount
  • Manganese – 32% of your daily recommended amount
  • Magnesium – 20% of your daily recommended amount
  • Plus, fiber, copper, riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and calcium
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We know fiber and protein are good to keep our hunger at bay.  No one likes to be hangry or be around anyone that is!  Vitamin E is great for skin, which we’ll go into more below.  Manganese helps your brain, nervous system and inflammation – and helps with collagen production.  Who doesn’t need a little bit of calm in their life, am I right?  And, Magnesium – I can’t say enough about how wonderful magnesium is for us.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Can help us with inflammation in the body
  • May helps with menstrual symptoms, along with manganese (when taken with calcium, according to
  • If you have migraines, you’ll want to make sure you get enough of magnesium
  • Get our zzz’s in – we all love it when we get enough sleep!
  • Can help fight depression and anxiety
Top 10 Benefits of almonds for skin
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So, after knowing all the wonderful nutrients that almonds have, what are the top 10 benefits of almonds for skin?

Top 10 benefits of almonds for skin

  1. Anti-aging – since almonds contain antioxidants, they can help with anti-aging.  Eat the nut or use the oil for one of your top 10 benefits of almonds for skin.
  2. Helps remove dead skin – did you know you can use ground almonds and use either almond milk, cow’s milk, honey, or even water to make a paste and use that as a gentle exfoliator.  In fact, that’s how Nutt So Ruff got their start.  I did just that and loved how my skin felt but it was just a bit too messy and decided to use the same concept – just in a bar form.  But, you can get the same results without spending any money or you can purchase our Face Bar here.  Exfoliating in this way removes dead skin cells that make your skin look dull, causing wrinkles to be more pronounced.  Plus, if you’re skin is oily, exfoliating can help remove those dead skin cells that are clogging pores that contribute to acne.
  3. Collagen production – we already determined that almonds contain manganese and this helps with collagen production, eating almonds or using almond oil can help to keep your youthful appearance.  Make sure you’re also taking vitamin C to boost it even more!
  4. Help eliminate puffiness under your eyes.  Use almond oil by dabbing under your eyes gently to help with puffiness or those dark circles.  Almond oil can do this because of all the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  It can take some time, but the vitamin E, retinol, and vitamin K can help.  Just remember that it took some time for those dark circles to get there so don’t expect a quick miracle.
  5. UV protection –   because of all the antioxidants, almonds can help reverse damage from UV rays, according to Dr. Axe.
  6. Glowing skin – regular exfoliation with powdered almonds can help your skin glow.
  7. Lighten dark areas – do you have age spots or dark lips?  Because of the antioxidants, almond oil can actually help lighten these areas.
  8. Lymph drainage – use Nutt So Ruff for a lymph massage or use the almond oil for an exhilarating body massage to help lymph nodes drain.  Remember to drink plenty of water after any type of massage so you can help remove those toxins.
  9. Clean skin – use almond oil to remove makeup or clean your face.  Almond oil shouldn’t cause breakouts (in fact, I use it all the time for massage and I never break out on my body – yay, almond oil!), so you can use it to help clean your skin from dirt and makeup.  You will need to rinse a couple times to ensure no oily residue but your skin will be so soft.
  10. Helps your brain – how does this help your skin, though?  Since almonds help against oxidative stress, it can help your memory.  I’ve seen what dementia and Alzheimer’s disease does to someone and when you start losing your memory, you start to worry what might be wrong.  This should in your face.  Eat almonds to help your brain and stay youthful.

Products to help you

Here are some products you may want to consider…

For Dark Circles, puffy eyes or to lighten dark areas…

  • Healing Natural Oils has an eye serum with the main ingredient as Sweet Almond Oil for those dark circles.
  • You can also try just almond oil, like this organic option for Aura Cacia
Sweet almond oil
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For removing dead skin, glowing skin, or lymph drainage, try…

Nutt So Ruff scrub bars
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