what clogs pores

What clogs pores

Tired of clogged pores and blemishes?  What clogs pores that causes acne.  You may be surprised that some natural ingredients clog pores.

What clogs pores

If you have ever dealt with acne, like so many of us do, you wonder what clogs pores.  Surely, dirt and our own facial oil can get into our pores, get stuck, and cause all sorts of problems.  It leads to pimples or acne which leads to a lower self esteem.  Both are things we want to avoid.  We want to feel good about ourself and part of that is to be proud of the way we look.

Surely, we don’t want to be defined by our looks or use that as a measure of being beautiful because it isn’t.  But, we do want to feel good about ourselves and have the best skin we can.  If we are doing things that are causing skin issues and you don’t want to have those skin issues, then knowing what we are putting on our skin can have an impact on how we look – and thus, feel.

what clogs pores
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There are a lot of things that can clog pores.  As I already mentioned, the dirt and oil (our skin oil, called sebum) can clog pores and cause problems.  But, the things we put on our face can cause us problems.  One of those seemingly innocent things is olive oil.

Olive oil can clog pores

We’ve all heard that some oils, in moderation, are good for us.  In fact, healthline.com tells us that olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and has all kinds of health benefits.  But, when it comes to using it on your skin, it can actually cause you some problem.  Since olive oil is more on the heavier side when it comes to oils, it can end up clogging your pores.  If you are already prone to acne, using olive oil as a moisturizer may not be a good idea.

olive oil can clog pores

While I love olive oil and do eat it occasionally, if I use it for skin care, it’s mostly on my legs.  I’ll sometimes use it as a hand moisturizer but I am cautious to suggest this because we all tend to touch our faces.  If you touch your face with your olive oil hands, you are transferring that oil to your face – inadvertently clogging your pores.  There are oils for oily skin that you can use instead.  I encourage you to try these.

Broccoli seed oil for skin
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