what happened when I ate a cookie
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What happened when I ate a cookie

I am a firm believer in moderation.  When you get away from that, it can have dramatic effects.  See what happened when I ate a cookie.

Enjoying life

I believe that we should all enjoy life.  Life is too short to be super strict about everything.  Live a little, do things that are fun which means that you do not have to be perfect.  We are all amazing creatures and it’s OK to be yourself.  Be comfortable in your own skin, experience things, eat foods you love, and be happy.  It is something we all deserve.

Secret to Happiness
The secret to Happiness…
by Nutt So Ruff

I also believe that we shouldn’t overdo it.  Enjoying things, like sweets, in moderation is fine.  It’s when we veer away from the healthy options that we can really start to do some damage.  Like what happened when I ate a cookie.  Let me explain…

What happened when I ate a Cookie

About a month ago, I got really busy with life.  It was hard to cook homemade meals – which I do regularly.  Luckily, I am a meal planner and was able to use ingredients I had to make things quickly.  I also had some pre-made dinners in the freezer.  Still, with all my planning, there were days that I wasn’t able to get home on time to eat so I ended up eating out.

It often turns into a vicious cycle.  We get busy and it spirals.  We may eat breakfast at home but then lunch rolls around and we have to grab something.  You get home in time for dinner and luckily, you are able to eat pretty decently.  Then, another busy day tomorrow and you end up skipping breakfast, eating out for lunch and maybe even dinner.  This happened for almost a week.  Then, there was a pot luck at work.  I enjoyed dips and chips and some cookies from a sub franchise.  But, what happened when I ate a cookie?

what happened when I ate a cookie
Yaya Parker

Sure, when I ate it, I enjoyed it.  I was tasty.  But, later that day, I didn’t feel good.  I’m not saying it was the cookie – I’m saying that’s what put me over the edge.  My stomach started to really hurt.  I felt awful and I knew that I overdid it.  I knew that my eating habits over the past week had caught up to me.

stomach ache

Eating badly leads to inflammation and even adult onset acne.  It can even cause menstrual problems, like heavy bleeding.  Sure, it doesn’t happen overnight but the continual bad habits add up and they can add up quickly.  So, like I said, it’s totally OK to have a cookie or whatever else.  But, when you start making it a daily habit, it can cause problems.  They are gradual and usually, we don’t even realize it’s happening.

menstrual pains

Enjoy life, eat better and feel better.  It will make you look better, too.

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