benefits of oats
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Benefits of oats

Is eating oats actually good for health?  Does it help our skin if we consume it and use it topically?  Here are some of the benefits of oats.

The Benefit of oats

What are the health benefits of oats?  Not everyone likes oats but it is good for us.  Unfortunately, the gelatinous texture may be off-putting for some but according to the Harvard School of Public Health, this amazing grain can decrease coronary heart disease issues because of the soluble fiber in this grain.

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Fiber is great for us because it doesn’t digest very quickly so we stay satiated for longer – meaning, we aren’t hungry every 15 minutes, snacking on whatever is fastest or easily available (i.e. snacks, candies, soda’s).  The less we eat of bad food because we feel full, the healthier we will be and feel.

Another great things about oats is that it helps move cholesterol through and out of our bodies.  On top of it all, it can help keep us slim and trim!  Aside from these, there are reasons to use oats for our skin.

benefits of oats
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Oat benefits for skin

Did you know that oats are anti-inflammatory?  Whether you eat it in your breakfast cereal (i.e. oatmeal) or you use it in your skin care, the anti-inflammatory effects can’t be disputed.  That is why I have always formulated my Nutt So Ruff scrubs with powdered oats.

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The gentleness of oats can be soothing to even the most sensitive skin and that is why it is a perfect ingredient for exfoliation.  It’s soothing and if you get redness, oats can be helpful to calm the skin.  It also helps cleanse the skin so it’s a double benefit.  Last but not least it helps to keep us hydrated.  The more hydrated you and your skin are, the less dry and flaky you are.  If you have trouble with dull looking skin, you should consider using more oats.

It’s obvious that there’s lots of oat health benefits for women.  Even if you don’t like to eat oats, you can incorporate it in a smoothie.  Find different ways to use it in both your diet and skin care to help get rid of inflammation in your body.  Healing inflammation is important if you want to feel good and look good because it doesn’t have to be expensive to look good.  These are the amazing benefits of oats.

Did you know?

Did you know that oats are a natural cleanser.  They contain saponins to mimic a mild soap.  That means that oatmeal cleans but also gently exfoliates, making it the perfect ingredient for a scrub bar for your body, including the sensitive skin on your face.

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