foot care for runners

Foot care for runners

Do you have really thick calluses from running?  Foot care for runners is important if you don’t want your feet to look unsightly.  Runners’ feet can be ugly!

Runners’ feet

If you are a runner, you know that you are likely to get calluses on your feet from running.  Unfortunately, the wear and tear on your feet are from running but you don’t want to stop because the cardiovascular exercise is good for you.  On top of it all, you get that amazing ‘Runner’s High’ and who wants to give that up?  But, at the same time, you have these unsightly feet with thick calluses.  It makes you never want to show your feet to anyone!  This is why foot care for runners is important.

runners feet

Other ways calluses form

There are other ways that calluses form on our feet. Here are 3 other ways you may end up getting thick calluses on your feet.

  1. Shoes that don’t fit properly – whether it’s for casual or exercise
  2. Wearing high heels
  3. Walking barefoot
wearing high heels
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Shoes that don’t fit

If you wear ‘ill-fitting’ shoes, you will get calluses from the rubbing that is taking place throughout the day.  Sometimes it is hard to find the right pair of shoes that fit your particular feet.  Or, you find the cutest pair that you absolutely must have or that you just love so much.  Either way, wearing shoes that don’t fit you will cause thick calluses to form on our feet, especially the more we wear these shoes.  This is because, over time, the rubbing continues to build the callus.

thick calluses

Tip:  don’t stop searching for the perfect fitting shoe.  It’s OK to have some cute shoes that you may wear occasionally, but it is best to only wear these every now and again (i.e. a get-together or a special party).  Shoes that fit comfortably are like walking on a cloud so it is worth searching them out.  Your feet will thank you!

High heels

If you wear high heels every day, not only will you have skeletal issues later in life (which, in and of themselves, are very unsightly) but you will also have calluses.  This is because your feet aren’t meant to be in this position all day and it causes calluses to make up for the trauma you are causing them.  As mentioned above, it’s OK to have pretty shoes that you wear for a special occasion, but opt to wear more comfortable shoes on a day-to-day basis.

Walking barefoot

Every time I see people walking barefoot outside, I cringe.  This is a huge ‘no-no’!  Walking on concrete is creating that friction that is causing your skin to be damaged.  In order for skin to protect itself, a callus will form so the more you walk barefoot, the thicker the callus will be.  You’ll have to scrub those callouses away.

walking barefoot

I often see kids running around outside without shoes.  Fast forward 20 years and they have the ugliest feet you’ve ever seen.  So, if your boyfriend has disgustingly thick feet, this is likely why.  Stop the cycle and put shoes on those kiddos!

don't walk barefoot

Foot care for runners

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might develop calluses, but you do have some control over it.  It’s great to exercise and it also feels good to look your best in fancy shoes.  But, take special care of your feet by exfoliating regularly so they look amazing.

foot care for runners

Take a look at this pair of feet.  They both started out the same – with thick, cracked skin on the heels.  After about a week of exfoliating with their Nutt So Ruff scrub bar, the heel on the left had a dramatic transformation!

Thick calluses
Photo credit: Nutt So Ruff Foot Scrub Bars

Buy your Foot Scrub bar today!  Foot care for runners is so important so your feet can look and feel their best!

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